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Hmong & English dual-language program that serves children

Exploring Hmong Language:

Hmong Culture Camp is a unique and enriching dual-language program designed to celebrate and preserve the rich heritage of the Hmong culture. Our camp serves children by immersing them in a dynamic learning environment that combines Hmong and English languages. We are dedicated to nurturing cultural awareness, language proficiency, and a strong sense of identity in the next generation. 

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Choose Hmong Culture Camp for a Bright Future

We understand the importance of preserving heritage and preparing children for a globalized world. By choosing Hmong Culture Camp, you’re providing your child with a valuable foundation for a bright and culturally enriched future.

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If you’re intrigued by the idea of enriching your child’s life with the Hmong Culture Camp experience, we encourage you to reach out to us for more information. Our program is dedicated to providing children with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Hmong culture while developing their English language skills.