Hmong culture camp

Hmong English dual-language program that serves children


Reinforcing our Commitment

To preserve the Hmong Culture and language and spread the importance of cultural awareness and acceptance throughout  Merced and wordwide


One Step at a Time

To grow the roots necessary to nourish a lasting  legacy of the Hmong heritage, bridging families & generations through bliteracy

Summary of HCC

Helping The Community

Hmong Culture Camp is a free early learning dual-language program that aims to ensure children ages 0-5 receive optimal learning through exploration, song, and play. Our camps bring families together to create a cultural shift in the Hmong and mainstream community throughout Merced County by ensuring that all children in this age group receive maximum exposure to brain development and dual language acquisition.

Hmong Culture Camp is a two-prong program that also provides youth ages 16-24 the Opportunity to receive hands-on experience with early education, dual-language training, and mentorship with children aged 3-5 years. Our youth are encouraged to participate in civic engagement and community outreach opportunities to spread cultural awareness in all available spaces. 


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Experience Hmong Culture Camp

Why Preservation Matters Now

Hmong Culture Camp is an innovative program dedicated to providing our community with the necessary tools for the survival of the Hmong. The idea of the Hmong Culture Camp grew out of the urgency to encourage and grow the Hmong culture in younger generations of the founding families who came to Merced as refugees in the 1970s. Less than 3 % of Hmong elders age 65 years and older are alive today. 

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