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Frequently Asked Questions

Hmong Made Simple is a yearly subscription product that early educators, elementary school teachers, or Hmong Cultural & Language programs can use to teach their students about the Hmong culture & language. The learning units provided are simple for teachers to understand and intriguing for students of all backgrounds to follow along as they learn in a fun and exciting way. The intended age group for the lessons is 3 -11-year-olds.

Hmong Made Simple and Hmong Culture Camps are not the same. Hmong Made Simple is a product created by the founder of Hmong Culture Camps, Bouasavnh Lor, whereas Hmong Culture Camps is a nonprofit organization that aims to nourish Hmong heritage through biliteracy.

The goal of Hmong Made Simple is to help early educators and elementary school teachers learn about the Hmong through our interactive and easy-to-follow curriculum.

 Hmong Made Simple was created for early education educators, elementary school teachers, dual language instructors, and language & cultural educators who want to teach their students about the Hmong language, culture, and heritage.

The intended audience is students ages 3-11 years old.

A Hmong Made Simple subscription is $5,000 yearly for up to 10 users. Each additional user will be an additional $100. If you become a beta tester for your subscription, your yearly cost will be $3,000 yearly for up to 10 users with additional users at an additional $100 per user. Merced users will get the program for free for the first 6 months, then will pay $2,500 for up to 10 users.

Hmong Made Simple has six unique units: common phrases, culture, children’s songs, arts and dance, reading/storytelling, and Hmong games. There are also bonus resources that educators receive, along with new resources that will be added yearly.

Although teaching children how to speak Hmong is one of our goals, Hmong Made Simple does not have that capability yet. We offer lessons on a variety of Hmong subjects.

If you are interested in a personal demonstration of the product, please contact us. Our first demo of the program will be on November 23rd, 2022. Look out for the event on Hmong Culture Camp’s page.

 If you would like to have Hmong Made Simple at your child’s school, connect with a representative at Hmong Culture Camp, and we can find a way to connect with your child(ren)’s school. We look forward to working with all schools and organizations that want to incorporate our Hmong lessons into their classrooms.

You can add yourself to the email mailing list at www.hmongmadesimple.com. You will be the first to know details about Hmong Made Simple and which schools and/or organizations it will be featured at.

We are looking for schools, institutions, or Hmong language or cultural programs that would be the first to explore Hmong Made Simple as beta testers. These beta testers will get access to Hmong Made Simple at a discounted price while providing valuable feedback to us, the creators to make the right changes to provide a quality program for our educators and children.

Yes! You can hire a consultant to help you navigate the program and get your staff set up. Connect with the program creator, Bouasvanh Lor at hmongculturecamp@gmail.com or at (209)580-5459, and she can walk you through the process.